New house, new year, new photos!

This family was listing their house for sale last year, and I met them when I was sent to photograph it. When they moved into their new home in Berkley, MI, they wanted photographs to celebrate starting the new year in their new home. They also wanted lots of snow! Luckily, the day we scheduled for our shoot was one of the last big snowy days of the year. Now it’s officially Spring!

Here are some of my favorites from their photoshoot


Choosing the Right Size

Clients often ask me for tips on choosing the right size of art for their homes. It can be intimidating. While many people tend to think of 4×6″ as the standard size for photographs and 8×10″ as large, 8×10″ is still quite small when it comes to wall art. A single 8″x 10″ on the wall can look quite silly.

Here is a sample of a nursery with a canvas wrap collection including one 24″x 30″,  one 10″x 15″ and one 12″x 15″. Notice that each of them individually is larger than an 8″x 10″.  The total space of the art is approximately 24″ x 47″.

Here is a sample of one 8″x 10″.

Of course, those are canvas wraps without frames. If going with 8″x 10″ prints, you’d really need at least 3, matted and framed to 11″x 14″ to start to look appropriate over a large piece of furniture.
Below is a very handy guid for figuring out the right size of art to use in proportion to a couch, bed, dining table, etc. The size given could be a single piece of art, or several pieces grouped together:

If you have a session with me, and you would like me to help you arrange art for a specific area of your home, let me know. With a picture of the space and some measurements, I can help you come up with a display that is proportionate and flattering to the space.

Let me know if there are any questions you have or tips you’d like!

Headshot Quick Sessions available now!

Do you need to update your headshot?

We live in a visual world.  It is important to keep your image clean, professional and current. Take advantage of this opportunity to get an update with a quick and easy headshot session! Nicole Mehelich Photography will be offering 16 half-hour quick sessions in December.
Your session includes one edited, high-resolution digital image, for only $99.

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The dates and times are:
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Each session includes one digital image with printing and promotion rights*. You will have 5-10 images to choose from. If you love more than one, additional images may be purchased for only $49 each. They will be available to view and select online within 2 weeks of your session date, and will be delivered digitally.

These sessions are exclusively one-person headshots. If you’d like to schedule a family session or a full session of any kind, please call (734)261-1563 or email to schedule a shoot.

*The photographer maintains the copyright on all images.

Bobrovetski Anniversary Party

Several months ago, I received a message from Amanda, who has had me take her family photos for the last 5 years or so, saying that she wanted me to photograph an anniversary party. All of her husband’s brothers and sisters were getting together to plan a surprise. I was the ruse. Since everyone was going to be in town at the same time, they told her in-laws that they booked a photographer to take family photos.

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Then we went around the corner to a “great backdrop” I’d seen, and they saw their friends and family waiting to surprise them.

The surprise went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time. It’s wonderful to see just how much they love each other after 40 years of marriage! After the surprise, it was time for speeches and mingling. I took some more family portraits, candids, and pictures of the kids. Congratulations on 40 years of marriage, Ken and Lou Ann!


Andy Hargreaves and Associates Team Photos

Recently I went down to Belle Isle to take pictures of Andy Hargreaves and his team.  I often take listing photos for them, as well. They are a fun group, and were good sports about the hot, 90% humidity day. Here are some of the pictures that we took.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, give them a call!



Jules – Salem High School Senior

I was very excited to get the call to photograph Jules’ senior portraits. I’ve been photographing her (and her sister) every couple of years since 2011. The first time that I photographed her was right after I quit my day job and delved into my business full time. She has always been one of my favorite subjects. She is bright, cheerful, patient, creative and has always seemed mature for her age.

Here are a couple of pictures from 2011
Here are some from 2013
Here are pictures from this year. Jules is now a high school senior. She loved the nature-filled look of the last couple of sessions, and she wanted to keep it going. Jules also asked me to include her car, Roxanne, in some shots. She insisted that her mom be in pictures too, because her mom is her best friend.

JulesCunnienBlogBoard-3 BlogImage1JulesCunnienCollage1-16x20FINALCongratulations on reaching your senior year, Jules! You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. Even more importantly, though, you are smart, kind, and thoughtful. I can’t wait to see what you do next! I hope you have an amazing senior year.

Super Fiona protects Detroit

Last weekend I did a dream photoshoot with a 4-year-old named Fiona. She’s my niece.  She loves everything superheroes. She and her family recently moved to a new home, and her one request was a Superhero-themed room. So her mother found her a Spiderman comforter and got some awesome art from Kinetic Press. One thing they didn’t have, however, was a large selection of kick-butt girl superheroes to put on the wall. I suggested that they let her be the superhero, and put the pictures up on the wall, and the concept started forming.

I asked Fiona where a superhero would be. “On the roof, of course.” Yes, of course. Big city or little city? “Big.” So we made plans to go to Detroit. Luckily her mom, my sister, had access to a green roof in Detroit! In about 1.5 hours of fading daylight, we took pictures near and inside the GM Renaissance Center, along the Riverfront, on the People Mover, and atop the green roof. It left me wishing that we had devoted more time, because I had so many ideas rushing through my brain. Here are some of my favorites of the images that we created.



Fall Memories special offer


This special offer applies to all portraits.  Boudoir and glamour*?  YES!  Maternity or Newborns? Yes!  Head shots, family portraits, holiday photos? Yes!  However, it’s only available to the first 20 people to reserve their spot and schedule their shoot between now and December 15, so hurry up and schedule yours.

Call 734-261-1563 or fill out a contact form here

*Professional hair and makeup not included for glamour and boudoir portraits, but can certainly be added for $150.

Cobb Family – July 2014 – Mill Race Village


Once or twice every year, I take pictures of my twin and her family.  This time, we were celebrating the birthdays of her two girls, who are now 7 and 2.  It had been quite some time since I’d been to Mill Race Village (which now charges an arm and a leg for photographers to shoot there… but this was for family), so we decided to try it out.  I hope you enjoy their pictures!



Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Spree Giveaway 2014 results

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest for a photo shoot with $50 print credit.  I assigned numbers according to the order that WordPress displayed the comments (not including comments from last year).  Here are the results:
Spree Giveaway 2014
The winner is Dani Cobb!  Congratulations.  Thank you to all who entered.  I hope you had a great time at the Spree this year.

For those who entered but did not win, I will include an additional $50 in print credit with any shoot that you book by October 1, 2014.

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