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How Rad is RadLab?

How rad is Radlab?  Pretty rad, if you ask me.  I recently purchased Radlab from Totally Rad!  It is loaded with filters, instead of actions, which are quick and more customizable.  My favorite feature is that it lets me save recipes to use in the future.  This has cut my editing time significantly.  Once I tweak an image to look just how I want it to, I can apply the same recipe to other images that were taken with the same light.  I love the looks they have, too.  Here is a sample of a picture I’ve touched up with RadLab:

So how simple is it to use?  Really simple.  How cheap is it?  Relatively speaking, pretty cheap.  $149.  If you’re a photographer and you like using actions, you should give it a spin.  They offer a free trial!

Downtown Birmingham – Shain Park Children’s Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting this brother-sister duo in Shain Park in downtown Birmingham.  We started at Baldwin Library, then scooted over to the park.  The children were beautiful and friendly.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

Here’s how they might look in a living room with a collection of framed prints:

Or wrapped canvas prints:

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