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Greenfield Village Portraits

These pictures were taken of Shayna at Greenfield Village in Dearborn.  We went right before close to get the best light (they close at 5pm).  We were taking pictures for her 4.5 year portraits, but also to get some of her in her ballet clothes.  She loves to spin around and show off her ballet positions.  I think she makes a pretty darn cute ballerina!

Baby Nolan

In early December I was delighted to shoot newborn portraits for little baby Nolan.  He is so cute and really sweet.  I’m a little late in posting, as he is now 12 weeks old!  Nolan came quite a bit early, surprising mom, Stefani.  But he was healthy and perfect.  Nolan really liked my nice warm studio, but wasn’t a big fan of us moving him, so we let him chill on his back most of the time, because that’s the way that he was most comfortable.

On that note:  There’s a lot going around the internet right now about novice newborn photographers putting babies in positions which are uncomfortable at a best, and life-threatening at worst.  Some are actually suspending precious newborns in slings on actual branches of trees several feet off the ground, or hanging them in a studio.  Some attempt positions where the baby is holding up his or her own head.  There are ways to do these shots which are safe, but they require extensive post-processing and compositing of shots.  For example, if you see a baby peacefully hanging from a branch, then it was probably shot as one image of a sling on a branch holding an inanimate object, and then one of the baby in a sling supported by a parent or assistant (preferably only an inch or so above a posing pillow).  Then the two shots are combined and the parent is edited out.  Please, if you are ever at a shoot with a photographer, and your baby seems uncomfortable and unsafe, stop them.  Insist on safety.   Most of my newborn shots are taken with the baby in a completely natural and comfortable position.  I’m not saying that I’ll NEVER try a structured shot like that… but it would be done safely.

Typically, I try to get some images of the baby with mom and/or dad, but Stefani wasn’t up for it this time around.  In the Spring we plan to do another shoot of Nolan with his sister, Arianna.  I had actually taken her one-year portraits just a few months before Nolan’s.  Here are a few of hers.

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