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Last month in our first home

My husband and I have decided to move, and the final move will be in July.  We are moving to a bigger house, in a bit better neighborhood, with a front room that will make the perfect home studio for me, with natural light (yay!).  We have a lot to do in the next 6 weeks.  Now that it’s becoming more and more of a quickly approaching reality, I’m finding myself feeling very nostalgic about our home.

This is the house that my husband, Andy, bought before we started dating.  He gutted it and made it his.  Then he started dating me, and in time I made it mine.  This is the home that I came to when I graduated college.  This is the home that we brought our new puppy home to, and now she’s 8.5 years old!  This is the home the we lived in when we got married, brought our first baby home to, brought our second baby home to.  This is the home that housed my very first studio, a photographic place that I could call my own. The yard is finally one that makes me smile, with the patio that we poured, daylilies that we planted, with garlic, strawberries and herbs growing in it.  (I recommend growing garlic.  Not only is it yummy, but the garlic scapes look awesome and can also be cooked).  This year, we even started finding Black Swallowtail caterpillars on our parsley, and I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow.  I don’t even mind that they’re eating all my parsley.

A couple of days ago we were all home in the afternoon, and my boys were in an especially great mood because Daddy had come home earlier than usual.  I grabbed my camera to capture this little slice of our everyday life in our first home.  Seth in only his underwear, playing video games with Dad, dipping his hot dog in ketchup.  Levi eating at his kid table like a big boy, and playing with the Build-A-Bear ipod.  I captured them playing rough with Andy, smiling and laughing.  Someday I’m going to look back at these pictures and remember the way that things were at the end of our time in our first home.  When Andy bought it, he lived here by himself.  Then he added me.  Together, over the last 9.5 years, we’ve added cats (only one at a time, but 3 have lived here), a dog, two kids and a whole lot of noise to this house.  I look forward to making such wonderful memories in our new home soon.

Detroit Zoo Portraits

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing beautiful Addison and her parents.  We met at the Detroit Zoo. I think this may become one of the places that I really love to shoot, with some adjustments.  Near the entrance, there’s a grassy area that NOBODY goes to.  I should have started there.  We went to the giraffes first, instead.  The only problem was that there were way too many people getting in my frames.  Also, there was so much going on, that I think poor Addison was a bit overstimulated.  We ended up finding some areas that were a bit more tucked away, and those places were where I got the more beautiful shots.  I loved getting to know Addison and her parents.  Here are some of the images I captured.

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