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Choosing the Right Size

Clients often ask me for tips on choosing the right size of art for their homes. It can be intimidating. While many people tend to think of 4×6″ as the standard size for photographs and 8×10″ as large, 8×10″ is still quite small when it comes to wall art. A single 8″x 10″ on the wall can look quite silly.

Here is a sample of a nursery with a canvas wrap collection including one 24″x 30″,  one 10″x 15″ and one 12″x 15″. Notice that each of them individually is larger than an 8″x 10″.  The total space of the art is approximately 24″ x 47″.

Here is a sample of one 8″x 10″.

Of course, those are canvas wraps without frames. If going with 8″x 10″ prints, you’d really need at least 3, matted and framed to 11″x 14″ to start to look appropriate over a large piece of furniture.
Below is a very handy guid for figuring out the right size of art to use in proportion to a couch, bed, dining table, etc. The size given could be a single piece of art, or several pieces grouped together:

If you have a session with me, and you would like me to help you arrange art for a specific area of your home, let me know. With a picture of the space and some measurements, I can help you come up with a display that is proportionate and flattering to the space.

Let me know if there are any questions you have or tips you’d like!

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