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Nicole Mehelich Photography

Nicole Mehelich Photography

About Nicole

Metro Detroit area portrait photographer, Nicole Mehelich is known for creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere for her clients.  While much of her business is focused on child portraiture, she also photographs glamour/boudoir, seniors, events and engagement sessions.  Nicole has a studio available (sometimes a must in the cold Michigan winters), but loves to go on-location in a client’s home or a unique outdoor setting.  She enjoys discovering new places, especially those that are unexpected.  She has shot at a variety of parks, downtown locations, and some locations off the beaten path.  If you have an interesting idea for a location, just say so!

Nicole has had a passion for photography since the age of 13.  Her father, a photographer himself, gave her a Ciro-flex box camera and taught her how to process film and make prints in his home darkroom.  By high school, she had a reputation for having a camera with her at all times.  These days, she’s still almost never without one.


From Nicole
First, I bet you’re wondering how to pronounce my name.  It’s pronounced meh-HELL-itch.  Don’t blame me, I married into it!   You’re probably also noticing that I have a lot of pictures of kids on here.  I love children.  I have two of them myself.  I’m drawn to their energy, their spunk, their budding personalities.  Shooting with them also usually means that I don’t need to go to the gym that day, another plus!  I also love shooting beauty and boudoir images, and helping others see how truly beautiful they are.



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