Baby C – 6 Month Portraits

This past summer some good friends of mine had a their first baby.  They waited a very long time to be able to have a baby, and we were all so excited for them.  I have never seen them glow so much.  Motherhood makes my friend shine, and it just melts my heart.  They asked me to take 6 month portraits for them.  Since it is a bit miserable outside in February in Michigan, we did them in my Livonia home studio.  I’m looking forward to shooting some more pictures of him in the lush, beautiful world of summer soon.  Ah… summer.  I miss you so much!  This year I’ll be working on landscaping the backyard at our new home to make it a great place to take pictures.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we make progress on that.  In the cold and slushy meantime, here are some adorable pictures of Baby C!  I just love his clear blue eyes and absolutely infectious smile.


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