Baby Caleb

I love newborns!  No, seriously.  I really really love newborns.  This is baby Caleb.  He was only 6 days old when we took these pictures.  His mom, Jen, is a friend of mine.  I posted her maternity pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Jen teases me all the time about my addiction to newborns.  She said during this shoot, “Maybe if you can photograph one newborn a month you’ll get your tiny baby fix.”  I like this plan.  It’s looking less and less likely that I’ll be making any more newborns myself, so if I could just hold and play with another newborn once a month, maybe I can avoid withdrawal!

Caleb was super sleepy while we took these pictures.  Nothing could wake him.  I wish I could sleep that soundly.  I brought props and backgrounds and all of that.  However, whenever I start a shoot, I always try to scope out things around the house that will work.  It just lends a more personal touch.  During my last newborn shoot (Preston), we laid him down in a chair that was passed down from his grandma.  When I got to Jen’s house to photograph Caleb, I spotted a gorgeous blanket that I thought would make a great background (the brown one).  Jen had a great bucket, so we used that too.

Caleb’s dad, Fred, plays the guitar.  So of course, we had to figure out a way to integrate the guitar into Caleb’s shoot.  First we went with laying Caleb in the guitar case.  Then I thought we should pose him like he’s playing the guitar.  It was increasingly difficult to pose him on his own with the guitar, so we staged it as Dad “teaching” him how to play.  Well, as much as you can learn when you’re fast asleep.

I can’t wait to take more pictures of Caleb (and his 3 siblings!) as he grows up.

  • These are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL photos I have ever seen. They are so aritstic. So sweet. You really capture the joy in this beautiful little family.You are so incredibly talented.

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