Baby Nolan

In early December I was delighted to shoot newborn portraits for little baby Nolan.  He is so cute and really sweet.  I’m a little late in posting, as he is now 12 weeks old!  Nolan came quite a bit early, surprising mom, Stefani.  But he was healthy and perfect.  Nolan really liked my nice warm studio, but wasn’t a big fan of us moving him, so we let him chill on his back most of the time, because that’s the way that he was most comfortable.

On that note:  There’s a lot going around the internet right now about novice newborn photographers putting babies in positions which are uncomfortable at a best, and life-threatening at worst.  Some are actually suspending precious newborns in slings on actual branches of trees several feet off the ground, or hanging them in a studio.  Some attempt positions where the baby is holding up his or her own head.  There are ways to do these shots which are safe, but they require extensive post-processing and compositing of shots.  For example, if you see a baby peacefully hanging from a branch, then it was probably shot as one image of a sling on a branch holding an inanimate object, and then one of the baby in a sling supported by a parent or assistant (preferably only an inch or so above a posing pillow).  Then the two shots are combined and the parent is edited out.  Please, if you are ever at a shoot with a photographer, and your baby seems uncomfortable and unsafe, stop them.  Insist on safety.   Most of my newborn shots are taken with the baby in a completely natural and comfortable position.  I’m not saying that I’ll NEVER try a structured shot like that… but it would be done safely.

Typically, I try to get some images of the baby with mom and/or dad, but Stefani wasn’t up for it this time around.  In the Spring we plan to do another shoot of Nolan with his sister, Arianna.  I had actually taken her one-year portraits just a few months before Nolan’s.  Here are a few of hers.

  • – Very, very cute!! Almost makes me want to have another. You do such a great job of paprogthohing newborns, these are so simple and leave all the focus on the baby. I love them all! Amazing work!December 1, 2011 7:59 am

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