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Jules – Salem High School Senior

I was very excited to get the call to photograph Jules’ senior portraits. I’ve been photographing her (and her sister) every couple of years since 2011. The first time that I photographed her was right after I quit my day job and delved into my business full time. She has always been one of my favorite subjects. She is bright, cheerful, patient, creative and has always seemed mature for her age.

Here are a couple of pictures from 2011
Here are some from 2013
Here are pictures from this year. Jules is now a high school senior. She loved the nature-filled look of the last couple of sessions, and she wanted to keep it going. Jules also asked me to include her car, Roxanne, in some shots. She insisted that her mom be in pictures too, because her mom is her best friend.

JulesCunnienBlogBoard-3 BlogImage1JulesCunnienCollage1-16x20FINALCongratulations on reaching your senior year, Jules! You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. Even more importantly, though, you are smart, kind, and thoughtful. I can’t wait to see what you do next! I hope you have an amazing senior year.

O’Dea Family Christmas

Two days after Christmas, I met the O’Dea family in the Embassy Suites Livonia hotel to take pictures of the family in the atrium.  Being late December, it was a bit chilly outside to take pictures with several small children, so we made the best of the plants inside the building.  Altogether, there were 31 of them.  They are normally spread around the country, so they wanted to capture a time when they had everyone together.

ODeaBlogpost1 ODeaBlogpost2

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Portraits at Bicentennial Park

There are many outdoor shooting locations that have become virtually off-limits now, due to new fees to shoot there.  Places like Mill Race Village in Northville, for example.  If you’re a professional photographer, you now have to pay a fee to shoot there.  Frankly, it was getting hard to shoot there anyway, because it had become so popular.  So I’ve been on a mission to find beautiful shooting locations that are not as popular.  We have so much natural beauty here in the Detroit area.  Just take a drive down Hines Drive and you’ll see backdrop after backdrop!

Recently, we moved to a home in Livonia.  Shortly after we moved, I took my boys to the park that is now the nearest to our house, Bicentennial Park.   There’s the playground there, which is really great, but there’s also a great wooded area with a hiking path and whatnot.  So when a client asked me if there was anywhere new that I wanted to try, I suggested Bicentennial Park.

Here are some of the pictures that we took there, with her husband and her two lovely daughters as well.  I think this location will be especially beautiful in a couple of weeks when all of the leaves change color.

Fall Mini-Sessions!

metro Detroit fall mini sessions available
For the first time ever, I am offering Fall Mini Sessions.  My clients have been requesting it for a couple of years, and I think it will be a lot of fun!  They will be at my home studio, taken outdoors.  There will be pine trees, lots of Autumn leaves, and of course, some pumpkins!

Each mini session includes 80 double-sided 5×7 inch holiday cards with envelopes.  The portraits will be available for viewing online within 2 weeks to choose which images you’d like on your cards.  (Additional purchases are available from the usual price list.)  There will be at least 15 pictures to choose from.

These sessions cost $195 each, which serves as a retainer for your time slot.  There are only 4 spots available.
Please call (734)261-1563 to reserve your session.
Here is a sample holiday card (other styles are available):

Holiday Card Sample
Holiday Card Sample - side 2

Julia – Fresh Faces of Summer – 1st Shoot

This Monday I had the pleasure of taking portraits of Julia Cunnien, the first Fresh Faces of Summer shoot.  Julia is 12 years old, is an actress and fan of America’s Next Top Model.  I love that show too.  I admit, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure.  I like to watch it to get inspiration for poses, lighting, settings… but ok… I like the stupid girl drama too.  I absolutely loved shooting Julia.  She was comfortable not smiling.  She gave me awesome poses (“Brokedown Model” as she called it) with very little direction, and she didn’t mind 3 wardrobe changes in her mom’s van.  She also thought it was cool that I had her come to an abandoned restaurant, rather than finding me strange.

We went around 7pm to get that beautiful late evening sun.  I asked them to bring lots of clothing and accessory options, and they did not disappoint!  We sifted through 3 pairs of jeans, a couple of skirts, a few dresses, several shirts, headbands and necklaces, and at least 5 pairs of shoes and boots to find the perfect three outfits.  I highly recommend this strategy.  If you bring lots of clothing options that you love, I will happily sift through it to find what will photograph the best.  Julia did not shy away from bringing some bright colors, patterns and textures.  This definitely gave me a lot to work with.

Back to the wardrobe changes in the van.  This really got me thinking… maybe I should consider a van.  We’ve been thinking about switching cars around and getting me a new vehicle in the next year or so.  Currently, we have no vehicle that can fit our family of four plus our 70 lb dog, Maggie.  In fact, we switched vets to one that we can walk to, just so we don’t have to figure out how to squeeze her in.  We’ve considered a wide array of vehicles, such as the Chevy Equinox, Mazda 5, (used) Ford Freestyle and Kia Sorento (although we’re more inclined to go with a domestic make).  My husband, Andy, really doesn’t want to drive a van.  Frankly, I’m used to a Mazda Protege and it would be quite an adjustment to drive something that big.  But when I think about it as far as my photo shoots go, it could be awesome to have.  I could easily carry props like chairs, lights, etc.  I would have a mobile changing station.  We could fit both kids, the dog, AND luggage for trips.  What are your thoughts?  Do you own a van or one of the other models I mentioned?  What would you recommend?

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