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New house, new year, new photos!

This family was listing their house for sale last year, and I met them when I was sent to photograph it. When they moved into their new home in Berkley, MI, they wanted photographs to celebrate starting the new year in their new home. They also wanted lots of snow! Luckily, the day we scheduled for our shoot was one of the last big snowy days of the year. Now it’s officially Spring!

Here are some of my favorites from their photoshoot


Livonia Spree Giveaway

Thank you for coming to my page to enter the Livonia Spree Giveaway!

My husband, Andy, is on the Spree Committee.  He’s there every day starting the Saturday before until the day after Spree ends.  Since our family so involved, I thought it would be fun to give away a photo shoot in celebration.  Here’s how you enter:

1) Give me your name and email address (to reach you if you win) in the comments section below
2) Tell me your favorite thing about the Spree this year

That’s it!  I will do a random drawing on Tuesday, July 1st and announce the winner.  The winner will receive one complimentary photo shoot with a $50 credit towards prints and products.  The shoot must be redeemed by January 1, 2015.

Thank you for attending the Spree, and for visiting my page.  I hope you have a great time!

You’ll never hear me say, “Say ‘cheese’!”  It leads to forced, faked smiles.  I just don’t think it works well.  What never ceases to amaze me, however, is how much children love to smile when they’re told not too.  It’s almost impossible for them not to.  Here’s what happened when I told my 3.5 year old son not to smile.

Best Friend Boudoir

Recently I had the joy of working with two really great friends.  We met at one of the girl’s apartment and played, posed, and had a lot of fun.  Here I’m showing you some of their tamest images, but one of my favorite moments (which I can’t post), was when they had a pillow fight in matching lingerie!  I really love shooting beauty and boudoir.  I’m thinking about putting together a package for bachelorette parties.  Hair, makeup, and photos with the bride and some of her best friends, individually and together.  I think it would be a great way to get ready for a night out!  Everyone would leave feeling and looking fabulous, and have pictures with their best friends.  What do you think?

Personally, I’m a bit jealous now that I don’t have a great picture of me with my own best friends to hang on my wall, like this one (although for my own wall, I’d probably do it with a shirt on, but I LOVE the confidence these ladies have!):


Here are some of my favorite images of each girl from our session.



What do you think about these images?  Let us know in the comments below!


How Rad is RadLab?

How rad is Radlab?  Pretty rad, if you ask me.  I recently purchased Radlab from Totally Rad!  It is loaded with filters, instead of actions, which are quick and more customizable.  My favorite feature is that it lets me save recipes to use in the future.  This has cut my editing time significantly.  Once I tweak an image to look just how I want it to, I can apply the same recipe to other images that were taken with the same light.  I love the looks they have, too.  Here is a sample of a picture I’ve touched up with RadLab:

So how simple is it to use?  Really simple.  How cheap is it?  Relatively speaking, pretty cheap.  $149.  If you’re a photographer and you like using actions, you should give it a spin.  They offer a free trial!

Hribar Family

Last weekend I went to a family gathering hosted by Renee.  Her family was in town for her son’s baptism.  Her mother and brother both live in different states, so she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity for a family portrait.  I couldn’t find where I wrote down her address, so I looked her up on  “How many Hribar’s can there be in her city?” I figured.   I only found one, so I plugged that into my GPS and headed over.  When I got there, I saw a party, but it was next door to the address I’d found on switchboard.  So I cautiously walked into the backyard and asked if I was in the right place.  Thankfully, I was.  Then I noticed a gate between their fences.  It turns out, Renee lives next door to her in-laws!  She said that her husband actually bought the house next door to the one he grew up in.  That’s so cool.  Well, it seemed cool for them.  I’m sure that living next to in-laws (or one’s own parents!) would be torture for some people, but they honestly seemed happy about it.  It certainly makes parties easier when you have two backyards right next to each other!  I’ve been talking about putting a gate between the fences with my next door neighbor for years.

The forecast called for rain, but luckily all we got was a slight drizzle.  Everyone there was very nice and friendly.  The guys were playing Baggo.  Well, they didn’t call it Baggo.  I can’t remember what they called it.  Apparently they won’t play the Baggo brand because it’s plastic and slippery.  Anyway, I love playing that game.  I didn’t join in though, I just took pictures, then resisted the urge to go to the store and get one of my own on the way home.

I was hoping to take some pictures of Renee’s son, Benjamin, after the family portraits were over.  However, as Grandma rocked him and gave him a bottle, he fell fast asleep.  It was really sweet.

I hope that the Hribar family enjoys their portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them and meeting the whole family.

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