Hribar Family

Last weekend I went to a family gathering hosted by Renee.  Her family was in town for her son’s baptism.  Her mother and brother both live in different states, so she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity for a family portrait.  I couldn’t find where I wrote down her address, so I looked her up on  “How many Hribar’s can there be in her city?” I figured.   I only found one, so I plugged that into my GPS and headed over.  When I got there, I saw a party, but it was next door to the address I’d found on switchboard.  So I cautiously walked into the backyard and asked if I was in the right place.  Thankfully, I was.  Then I noticed a gate between their fences.  It turns out, Renee lives next door to her in-laws!  She said that her husband actually bought the house next door to the one he grew up in.  That’s so cool.  Well, it seemed cool for them.  I’m sure that living next to in-laws (or one’s own parents!) would be torture for some people, but they honestly seemed happy about it.  It certainly makes parties easier when you have two backyards right next to each other!  I’ve been talking about putting a gate between the fences with my next door neighbor for years.

The forecast called for rain, but luckily all we got was a slight drizzle.  Everyone there was very nice and friendly.  The guys were playing Baggo.  Well, they didn’t call it Baggo.  I can’t remember what they called it.  Apparently they won’t play the Baggo brand because it’s plastic and slippery.  Anyway, I love playing that game.  I didn’t join in though, I just took pictures, then resisted the urge to go to the store and get one of my own on the way home.

I was hoping to take some pictures of Renee’s son, Benjamin, after the family portraits were over.  However, as Grandma rocked him and gave him a bottle, he fell fast asleep.  It was really sweet.

I hope that the Hribar family enjoys their portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them and meeting the whole family.

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