Super Fiona protects Detroit

Last weekend I did a dream photoshoot with a 4-year-old named Fiona. She’s my niece. ¬†She loves everything superheroes. She and her family recently moved to a new home, and her one request was a Superhero-themed room. So her mother found her a Spiderman comforter and got some awesome art from Kinetic Press. One thing they didn’t have, however, was a large selection of kick-butt girl superheroes to put on the wall. I suggested that they let her be the superhero, and put the pictures up on the wall, and the concept started forming.

I asked Fiona where a superhero would be. “On the roof, of course.” Yes, of course. Big city or little city? “Big.” So we made plans to go to Detroit. Luckily her mom, my sister, had access to a green roof in Detroit! In about 1.5 hours of fading daylight, we took pictures near and inside the GM Renaissance Center, along the Riverfront, on the People Mover, and atop the green roof. It left me wishing that we had devoted more time, because I had so many ideas rushing through my brain. Here are some of my favorites of the images that we created.



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