Temple Shir Shalom – West Bloomfield, Michigan – Food Fun and Fireworks event

I’m sorry that I’m so far behind on my blog posts.  I have had a very exciting past month or so.  I have SO MANY things to share with you.  I’d say I’m about 5 posts behind right now.  I’ve been so busy shooting, editing and taking care of my boys that I’ve had very little time for anything else.  I definitely want to share some pics with you that I took during the Temple Shir Shalom (TSS) Food Fun and Fireworks (FFF) event!

TSS has been hosting this event for several years now, but this was my first time attending it.  Andre Douville, the Executive Director, promised me that it would be huge and tons of fun.  Since my boys are sticklers for their bed times, Andy and I drove separately so that he could bring them home after about an hour and I could stay to take pictures.  The first thing that I did when I got there was sneak through the line to get pictures of the food.  I was tempted to steal some, but I didn’t.  I waited my turn, because I’m a good girl.  There was salad, pizza, a chocolate fountain, crepes made right in front of you with Nutella inside (yum!), amazing kugel, all sorts of yummy food.  That list barely scratches the surface.  I said to my husband, “It’s like a mini Arts Beats and Eats in here!”

I went back to find Andy and the boys right before they were going to open the line, and there were people eagerly awaiting as far as the eye could see.

So we went in, grabbed a couple items of delicious food and headed outside.  As soon as Seth saw the bouncy house, he was ready to put our plates away and play!  They had a bouncy house, inflatable basketball hoops and batting cage, an obstacle course and a giant slide!  It was everything a kid could ask for.  Seth was afraid to go up the slide, but he loved everything else.

They had a band there called Sunset Boulevard Band.  They were awesome.  The band played a huge array of music from Michael Buble to Stevie Wonder to the Black-Eyed Peas.   They really got everyone out on the lawn dancing.  Members at Shir Shalom really know how to let loose and have a great time.


Then, the fireworks.  Shir Shalom does not joke about their fireworks.  This was the best fireworks display that I have ever seen.  It was pretty much like a finale, except the finale lasted 40 minutes.  I was just about deaf at the end of it, but they were spectacular.  I’ve never taken pictures of fireworks before, so here are some of my attempts.

This is an event that I don’t think I will ever miss again.  What a fantastic way to spend a Monday night!  Thanks to Andre for asking me to capture it in images.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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