Embrace your unique beauty

Women are constantly faced with images of other women which are altered to make even some of the rarest, thinnest, most symmetrical bodies in the world look drastically different... even thinner, with bigger breasts, smaller hips, a nip and tuck. What we see is often not even human, not even possible. When this is done to models, how can non-models feel good in a picture? I'm here to tell you, you can... and you will!

Yes, I do use Photoshop, mostly to adjust the lighting and color, or to get rid of a blemish or smooth wrinkles. I aim to do most my magic through posing, angles and lighting. I want you to leave your session feeling beautiful and sexy. I want you to see your pictures and say, "Wow! I am gorgeous!" because you are. We all are. Every one of us is beautiful in our own, unique way, and I want to show you yours.

About Nicole

Metro Detroit area portrait photographer, Nicole Mehelich is known for creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere for her clients. Most of her women's portraiture is photographed in her home studio, but she can also go on-location.

Nicole has had a passion for photography since the age of 13. Her father, a photographer himself, gave her a vintage Ciro-flex camera and taught her how to process film and make prints in his home darkroom. By high school, she had a reputation for having a camera with her at all times. Nowadays, she loves to help women feel their absolute best, and to see themselves the way that they are seen by those who love them.

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